Catering & Foodstuff Services

(Marine, Offshore, Onshore, Mining, and Industry)

Our Services


We create culinary delights, from the planning stages through to the processing, storing, handling and presentation of delicious meals, always implementing highest standards of hygiene, safety and quality control. Our menu variation plan is built giving a particular attention to healthy food options and diversity with a detail for style and taste.


Catra catering's offers dedicated housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, janitorial and facilities maintenance services. A rigid program is put in place to deliver continuously cleaned, disinfected, and maintained working, eating and sleeping areas within the unit. We also offer a range of recreational services and a bonded store on board.


Our crews have been extensively trained to consistently deliver highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene and safety. We care about the environment and use only environmentally friendly chemicals for all cleaning procedures.

Our Ingredients

We use only fresh, natural, organic, ingredients. No harmful chemicals – additives, preservatives, flavors, colors, etc. Rich in balanced nutrients

We Prioritize Local Products.!

About Us

Established in 2017, starting with personal brand “Dee Foodism” in Kelapa Gading and has been one of the renowned food companies specializing in Indonesian food, healthy, friendly pre-prepared products. Our team consists of healthy cooking enthusiasts, professionals, mothers, and the like who love to spread and promote delicious & healthy cooking environment. 

Our Visions

We believe in providing clients with value focused service and
Our objective is always to deliver customer satisfaction whilst
participating in Clients’ commercial target achievements.

  • To conduct our operations incident free with minimal risk to personnel and the environment.
  • To seek continuous improvement in regards to Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment (“HSSE”)
  • Enthusiasm for quality
  • Provide services beyond expectation
  • Share success
  • Win through team work




If you’re curious  and interested about our services we’re here to answer any questions.



THE MANSION BOUGENVILLE, FONTANA OFFICE TOWER LT. 27-K2 JL. Trembesi, Pademangan Timur, Kec. Pademangan, Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta 14410


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+62 8180-6688-833

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